Coaches, Parents and Players

We ask that you consider the Bay Area Juniors Alliance (BAJA) Camps as your choice for 2019. With over 175 campers in 2018, we were once again one of the premier camp programs in the Tampa Bay area. We feel our core values regarding the concepts of training and developing the volleyball player place our camps head and shoulders above the competition. We know that camps are expensive and that your money is hard earned and needs to be well spent so you can receive the value that you deserve. If you are looking for an experience that stresses success through hard work, dedication and commitment then we think we can meet your needs. We provide high quality training in an atmosphere that stresses attention to detail.

Our staff consists of specialists in training Youth, Jr. High, High School and Elite level players/athletes. Our commitment to you is that we will give our best effort to make sure that you feel that the experience was well worth the time, effort and expense. We will continue to strive for excellence and give you the finest coaching, teaching and training and hope that you feel your money was well spent.

For any camp listed below please Contact Us to reserve your spot including the players Name and Camp/s Attending.  Payment will be due 1st day of camp, check made payable to BAJA Inc. 

All Camps will be held at Clearwater Central Catholic HS, 2750 Haines Bayshore Road Clearwater, Florida 33760. 

Thank you for considering us for your summer camp experience!


Setting Camp

JULY 8th-10th

2:00-3:30   $85

A setting camp that is designed for both beginner setters as well as players in high school setting at the varsity level with the desire to play at the collegiate level. This camp is very intense and for the very dedicated setters.


Hitting Camp

JULY 8th-10th

12:15-1:45   $85

A hitting camp focusing on attacking skills for the player. This is an excellent camp for young players to develop overall attacking fundamentals or for the older outside attacker who plays the left or right side position.



1st Contact Camp

JULY 8th-10th

10:30-12:00   $85

This is a camp available for developing 1st contact skills (passing, digging, serving). An extensive amount of time will be spent on both technical training and repetitive work. This camp is demanding and players who attend will be expected to work at a high level.



CCC Team Camp

JULY 22nd-25th

9:00-1:30  $235

This team camp will be split into skill development by positions as well as component, system and team play training. If you’re looking for a camp where your team ONLY scrimmages then this camp is NOT for you. We treat this camp as our team’s preseason and work to cover all aspects of team and player development. This is not a camp for individuals looking to be placed on a team.

Elementary and Middle School Volleyball Camps

JUNE 3rd-5th

FUN-damentals 10:00-12:00   $100

An All-Skills camp targeted at the very young (Grades 1-5) athlete to develop all 6 fundamental skills of volleyball.

Middle School 12:30-3:00   $100

An All-Skills camp that will also focus on individual position training throughout while also touching on team play.



BAJA's Set HER Up!

Bay Area Juniors "Set HER Up" is a scholarship program designed to give as many young, underprivileged female athletes in the Tampa Bay area the opportunity to grow in the sport of volleyball as possible. It will serve any athlete who cannot financially afford the opportunity themselves to join a club or program provided by an organization.
BAJA's Set HER Up Application